Business Support System

BAWS is planning to launch an initiative

BAWS Business Support System to support Businesses within the Community:

The objectives of BSS are:

In this regard BAWS Business Support Team shall be collecting details of businesses managed by our community members, and will compile a comprehensive directory.

By Business we mean any community member dealing in any product or service which could be of any scale.

From someone offering services as electrician or motor mechanic to someone having textile industry, objective is to facilitate community members benefit from expertise of each other.

BAWS Business Support Team is lead by Arsalan Siddiqui and have Hanzala Yousuf, Ahsan Ullah, Kashan Sohail, Osama Zubair, Saad Saeed, Waqas Siddiqui & Jazib Ullah as Team Members.

BAWS Business Support Team will be happy to get your feedback, comments, suggestions in this regard to make this initiative successful.

Also if you would like to join the team, kindly contact Arsalan Siddiqui (0321 9245940).

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