BAWS Qurbani 2023

Brotheran-e-Allahabad Welfare Society

Sacrifice and distribution of meat 2023
This EID-UL-ADHA share the gift of Qurbani meat with a needy family of Baradari

Qurbani 2023

Alhamdulillah brothers organized by Allahabad Welfare Society to deliver the meat of the sacrifice to the deserving families this year too, a collective sacrifice has been arranged.

You can also participate in this good work by taking part of the sacrifice and donating the meat.

On the first day of Eid, offering a portion of the sacrifice (cow/bull) Rs. 21,000, as many shares can be taken.

BAWS Qurbani

To take part in the sacrifice, please contact the following people as soon as possible and get registered so that the meat can be delivered to the deserving families after performing the sacrifice on the first day.

Contact List

Asif Mohib


Quba Rayhan


Bisma Kashif


Those members of the community who are willing to get reward by delivering meat to any deserving family of the community, they can also contact the above persons and register the number of families, so that meat can be provided to them in time.